Linguini with Sardines

One of the first things that you think about pasta is … italy. Well, yeah you are right it is not really greek food to be honest but… who cares? Adding sardines and capers give pasta a proper meditterenean and greek flavor.

My Mothers Isli recipe

Going back home for Christmas is something that is always a little bit of ritual. Like every celebration there are some things you need to do or expect from some. Like you expect to get some gifts or give some gifts or even eat a turkey or pork if you are in Greece. That is what i was expecting every time i was going back home…a lot of food and my mothers traditional isli desserts.

Pastitsada from Corfu

Pastitsada or Παστιτσάδα in Greek is one of the most traditional dishes that you can have on the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece. It is fair to say it was my main dish for my holidays last year and a great recipe to have.