Traditional Beef Stuffed Courgettes

The following recipe which is called “kolokithakia gemista” (beef stuffed courgettes) In Greece was the one that made me appreciate the egg lemon sauce when I was young. I guess without that is a completely different dish.

Onion Soup with a Greek Twist

As the weather is becoming colder and colder here in London, i had to come up with something to warm me up. Agreed, its not traditional greek but i did something about it. 

Cod  with peas and bacon sauce

I don’t know how I couldn’t have written about this recipe until now. Cod with peas and bacon is a extremely tasty and gourmet recipe that is definitely not Greek but almost surely sure to impress.

Linguini with Sardines

One of the first things that you think about pasta is … italy. Well, yeah you are right it is not really greek food to be honest but… who cares? Adding sardines and capers give pasta a proper meditterenean and greek flavor.