The perfect “Kleftiko” ! Slow cooked lamb Greek Style!

Last summer my manager decided to go for holidays in Greece. He did travel to some places but stayed longer at Paros where he surfed and did try a lot of the local dishes but also  some more traditional ones.  The funny thing was that when he came back he didn’t talked about the sun of Greece neither the sea, or culture etc etc. He talked about the moment he tried first one of the most traditional Greek dishes, the “Kleftiko”.

Creamy Chicken with orzo recipe for Winter

The following is a simple recipe but in the same time really delicious that you can have at anytime but especially during winter.  Orzo is a traditional ingredient in Greece and you can have it with many variations but most famously know when used for making giouvetsi.

Scallops with Bacon

Sometimes i understand that the recipes that i write over here in the blog are not exactly…”Greek” but they are part of this cooking trip that i have in the past few years. Additionally they are cooked by a Greek so there is a little bit of truth in the term “Greek recipes”.

Anyway, the following is something that i tried after getting some scallops from the famous Billinsgate fish market that exists in London.