Any time you go to Greece you will need to read or understand what there is on the menu. Now below, i have created a simple dictionary of ingredients from the Greek food where you can find all the different dishes and ingredients you might end up finding in Greece.

Hopefully that will help you understand better what you eating or know what you need in case you need to cook something Greek.  The column on the left describes everything in Greek language, the middle is  Greeklish – an effort to pronounce everything with latin letters and the third English explanation.


ΑμυγδαλοτάAmigdalotaCookie often made on the islands and served at weddings and baptisms
ΑυγολέμονοAvgolemonoA warm sauce made with eggs and lemon. Served with meat, in soups, with vegetables.
ΜπακαλιάροςBakaliarosCod, most often consuming the salted preserved cod, which was desalted and cooked with tomato sauce or fried.
ΜπακλαβάςBaklavasPastries made with phyllo, honey and walnuts
ΜπάμιεςBamiesOkra. Usually cooked with tomato sauce in a stew or roasted in the oven with tomatoes.
ΜπιφτέκιBiftekiBeef patty. The hamburger!  Usually a mixture of ground beef along with herbs, breadcrumbs and egg.
ΜπριάμBriamA mixture of vegetables including potato, zucchini, eggplant and onion stewed or roasted in olive oil
ΔίπλεςDiplesPastry made with dough, fried in olive oil and dipped in honey
ΝτολμάδεςDolmadesRice or meat wrapped in vine leaves, often served with avgolemono
ΝτοματοκεφτέδεςNtomatokeftedesTomato patties. Patties made with tomatoes,   flour and herbs fried
ΕλαιόλαδοElaioladoOlive Oil
ΕξοχικόEksohikoMeat cooked with peppers, tomatoes, onions and cheese in wax paper.
ΦάβαFavaA puree made with fava beans which are yellow spit peas.
ΦακέςFakesLentils, traditionally cooked in a thick soup with olive oil and served with vinegar.
ΦασολάκιαFasolakiaGreen beans. They are usually cooked with tomato sauce and olive oil.
ΦασόλιαFasoliaA general term for beans
ΦέταFetaSemi-soft cheese made from sheep and goat milk
ΦραπέFrappeA popular iced coffee made from instant coffee
ΓαλακτομπούρεκοGalaktobourikoA sweet made with phyllo and a custard filling
ΓαύροςGavrosAnchovies. They are either marinated in vinegar and salt or fried.
ΓραβιέραGravieraA hard yellow and salty cheese made from sheep’s milk
Χωριάτικι ΣαλάταHoriatiki (salata)The village salad, classic salad you could eat in Greece. Made with tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, onion, feta and olive oil.
ΧυλοπίτεςHilopitesA egg pasta usually cut in small squares.
ΧόρταHortaGreens. Boiled and consumed with olive oil and lemon.
ΧορτόπιταHortopitaSavory pie made with thick phyllo dough and greens.
ΧταπόδιHtapodiOctopus. Served grilled or marinated.
ΚαλαμαράκιαKalamarakiaCalamari or squid. Often served fried as an appetizer.
ΚαριδόπιταKaridopitaWalnut cake. A cake made with walnuts and syrup
ΚεφαλοτύριKefaloturiHard yellow cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk
ΚεφτέδεςKeftedesSmall fried meatballs usually made from ground beef and ground pork.
ΚοκορέτσιKokoretsiOrgan meats and sweetbread pieces are passed through a skewer and wrapped with the intestines (usually of lamb) then grilled in a spit or grill until crunchy. Traditionally prepared for Easter.
ΚολοκυθόπιταKolokithopitaZucchini savory pie
ΚολοκυθοκεφτέδεςKolokithokeftedesZucchini Patties
ΚοκκινιστόKokinistoFood made with tomato, from the word kokkino which means red.
ΚουλουράκιαKoulourakiaCookies, usually the shape of a ring or braided.
ΚουνουπίδιKounoupidiCauliflower. Usually consumed cooked in tomato
ΚουραμπιέδεςKourabiedesChristmas butter cookies covered with powdered sugar.
ΚρασίKrasiWine (A variety of famous wines exist in Greece)
ΛάδιLadiMay refer to any oil, but usually means olive oil
ΛαχανοντολμάδεςLahanodolmadesDolmades made with cabbage
ΛαδερόLatheroStewed dishes (sometimes roasted), usually vegetable based made with olive oil and tomato
ΜαγειρίτσαMageiritsaA soup made from lamb offal and avgolemono (egg-lemon sauce), served traditionally on the eve of Easter.
ΜελιτζανοσαλάταMelitzanosalataEggplant dip
ΜελομακάροναMelomakaronaHoney cookies. Cookies traditionally made for Christmas with honey, olive oil and walnuts.
ΜεζέςMezesSmall servings or tidbits of food to be served with a drink.
ΜουστοκούλουραMoustokoulouraCookies made from the must of wine.
ΜουσακάςMousakasCasserole made with potato, eggplant and ground beef.
ΝιστίσιμοNistisimoFoods that adhere to the Greek Orthodox Fast (nistia)
ΟύζοOuzoAlcoholic drink of anise distillation
ΠαγωτόPagotoIce Cream
ΠαπουτσάκιαPapoutsakiaA dish of baked eggplants stuffed with ground beef, cheese and tomato.
ΠαξιμάδιPaximadiA rusk, usually referring to Cretan barley rusk.
ΠαστέλιPasteliA sweet made from sesame seeds and honey.
ΠαστίτσιοPastitsioA casserole made with pasta, ground beef, béchamel and tomato.
ΠίταPitaRefers to the savory pies made with phyllo dough but also to pita bread
ΡαβανίRavaniA cake made with semolina and syrup.
ΣαγανάκιSaganakiFried cheese
ΣαρδέλαSardelaSardines. Usually served grilled or cured
ΣκορδαλιάSkordaliaA garlic dip made with garlic, bread or potato and olive oil
ΣουτζουκάκιαSoutzoukakiaMeat balls that are covered in spicy tomato sauce
ΣουβλάκιSouvlakiSkewers with pork meat (sometimes with chicken)
ΣπανακόπιταSpanakopitaSpinach pie made with phyllo and spinach and with or without feta cheese.
ΣπανακόρυζοSpanakorizoDish made with spinach an rice cooked with a bit of tomato.
ΣτοιφάδοStifadoRefers to a stew made with baby onions, tomatoes and spices, usually with veal but also made with rabbit or chicken.
ΤαραμοσαλάταTaramosalataDip made from a mixture of fish roe, bread and olive oil.
ΤυρόπιταTiropitaCheese savory pie usually made with feta cheese.
ΤραχανάςTrahanasPellet shaped pasta made with milk
ΤσουρέκιTsourekiA sweet bread made with eggs and various spices. Similar to a brioche. Traditionally made for Easter.
ΤζατζίκιTzatzikiDip made from yogurt, garlic, olive oil and dill.
ΒασιλόπιταVasilopitaCake made for New Years Day to celebrate Saint Basil. A coin is hidden in the cake, the person who gets the coin is believed to have good luck for the year.
ΒύσινοVissinoSour cherry
ΒυσσινάδαVissinadaSour cherry drink, served often in the summer.
ΒοδινόVodinoBeef (cow)
ΓεμιστάYemistaStuffed tomatoes, peppers and/or zucchini with just rice or herbs or with ground meat.
ΓιουβαρλάκιαYiovarelakiaBeef and rice balls cooked in avgolemono sauce
ΓιουβέτσιYiouvetsiCasserole, usually a type of meat cooked with pasta
Γλυκό του κουταλιούYlyko KoutaliouSpoon sweets. Preserves of whole fruits that are served to guests on small spoon and plate.