Kakavia – the greek fishermans soup

They say that after the man discovered the fire, boiling was the first way he invented to process his food.

Originally, it began to boil the fruit that was harvested in the forests, and later the vegetables he learned to cultivate, the animals he caught or the fish he was catching

The Greek Pizza Bread – Pull apart

Even if in Greece we have our favorite street food -souvlaki- we do like our pizza also from time to time. Then again i find some time to difficult to make your own.  So here is a different funny way to  create a nice dish for your evening with friends.

Traditional Beef Stuffed Courgettes

The following recipe which is called “kolokithakia gemista” (beef stuffed courgettes) In Greece was the one that made me appreciate the egg lemon sauce when I was young. I guess without that is a completely different dish.

Onion Soup with a Greek Twist

As the weather is becoming colder and colder here in London, i had to come up with something to warm me up. Agreed, its not traditional greek but i did something about it.