Beef stew with Chard and potatoes

Cooking with greens is something really typical in Crete, one of the most traditional islands of Greece. The following beef stew with chard can be found in the island in many variations equally tasty.

Reasons to visit Greece: As being told by tourist/expats

Because  of my profession i spent a lot of time online scanning through the internet and looking about …more or less everything that i need at that time. It gave me great pleasure to read a post in on the impressions of tourists for Greece.

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users.  Basically you can go and ask more or less anything you want and people from the community will come back with an answer. Hopefully correct!

So even if it biased from each ones experiences it gives us a nice insight on what Greece could give you if you decide to spend some days there.  Some of the answers provided are huge and will not post all of them over here but will try to focus on some parts.

Samuel Chan is from California and he has been to Greece 5 times as he is working  for a company founded by a Greek and half of the team is based out of Greece.  Here is what he thinks about Athens.

“Since the majority of my time here in Greece is spent in Athens, I’ll share some of my impressions of this city too.Athens