My Greek Souvlaki recipe
One of the most famous foods in Greece...souvlaki! Its so easy that you can even do it by yourself on a Sunday...or a Monday...or a Tuesday....
Papoutsakia (Stuffed Eggplants)
The following is one of the classic Greek recipes you can find anywhere on Greece during summer time. It’s one of those that I always disliked when I was young but learned to appreciate as I grew older.
Chocolate log Dessert
Always when I was home back in Greece I enjoyed when my mother was making cakes, sweets and anything that had chocolate. Well, don’t we all… I was hoping that I could manage once to make that chocolate log (kormos sokolatas in greek..) recipe. To tell you the truth it took me some time to find the appropriate name for that…
Greek traditional Tzatziki recipe

Every time when they are talking about Greece there are some things that stand out. Of course it’s the fact about the economy and the Parthenon…bla bla bla…but one thing that really makes the difference is Ouzo and Tzatziki.

Well, even if Tzatziki is not my specialty (my brothers is) , this is a classic recipe about making a traditional Greek tzatziki as a side dish , salad.

Additionally, it is one of the main ingredients of the Greek Souvlaki  that you