How to make a Greek Coffee

  • Prep Time : 1m
  • Cook Time : 5m
  • Ready In : 6m

Greek coffee…well it’s not Greek food as the name of the site suggests but it’s a typical thing for all greeks and you will find it where ever you go.

It’s easy to make but it requires some practice and to have of course the Greek coffee and the “briki” where the coffee is made. Just to make clear, that is more or less the same coffee that is served in Greece, Turkey and a lof of Arab countries. Small variations exist but that is the greek one which is more or less the same like the turkish…so you can choose ..

You measure the required cups of water into the briki. So if you want to make 3 cups of coffee you put 3 cups of water into the briki. Typically you will need 2 ½ spoons of Greek coffee for 2 cups of coffee and half spoon of sugar. Nevertheless this depends on your taste and how you drink your coffee.

So…you put the water into the briki and you add the coffee and sugar in low heat. Stir until the coffee is diluted in the water. Hold the briki all the time as it will boil really quickly and there is a danger that it will spill if you don’t take it off the heat fast.

Watch it carefully as it starts to rise and create a bubbly foam….let it rise for couple of cm and then take it out of the heat immediately.

Let it cool down for 30 seconds and put a little on all the cups. Be careful to distribute equally the foam an all the cups as this is what brings the distinct taste.

When you serve the coffee, you don’t need to stir it after that.  Ideally it is served together with a glass of water and some sweets.

Typically the Greek coffee is drunk really slowly and you can see every day in Greek coffee shops old men drinking and discussing the news of the day. It’s one of the typical traditions in Greece that its followed even today.  I am not kidding at all if I say that my father used to drink the same cup of coffee for up to three hours in the morning smoking his cigarette… Enjoy J

Note: You cannot make the greek coffee with any type of coffee. You need to search and find where they sell greek or turkish coffee’s in your area. There are places in London need to search for any other countries..

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  1. posted by Sergei on June 13, 2014

    Nice article. To make great Greek coffee you will need these fine briki:


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