The Greek Burger

Making a burger is a great dish to make and have together with friends in the weekend, and especially during summer. So the following recipe is my interpretation of a burger with a Greek flavour. Behold the recipe for the Greek Burger.

Greek Food Dictionary

Any time you go to Greece you will need to read or understand what there is on the menu. Now below, i have created a simple dictionary of ingredients from the Greek food where you can find all the different dishes and ingredients you might end up finding in Greece.

Hopefully that will help you understand better what you eating or know what you need in case you need to cook something Greek.  The column on the left describes everything in

Discovering Cretan Cuisine

It is nearly impossible to visit any social media site without seeing posts about food.  A somewhat staggering 122 million Instagram posts are tagged with “#foodporn”; another 57 million are tagged “#foodie.”  Social media is also filled with details on new “miracle’ diets that promise to help you lose weight, extend your lifespan, and cure a wide range of diseases.

For millennia one place on earth has quietly, and deliciously, prepared foods that are a foodie’s dream as well as one